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>> good morning to you. i am heather nauert. >> i am ainsley earhardt. it is wednesday november the 14th. thank you for watching "fox & friends first". >> top stories at this hour. incredible new video coming out of jackson, mississippi this morning. take a look at this. a massive ball of fire engulfing this home late last night after a small plane crashes into this hoys. all three people on board that plane were killed. it is a single engine plane had just taken off from the airport. the pilot requested to go back to the airport was of some sort
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of emergency taking place on board. they saw the aircraft sputtering from the sky and they heard a loud bang. two people inside the house at the time one of them in good condition. president obama will sit down with ceo's from major u.s. companies to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. so much for compromising the white house says president obama would fall for a $1.6 trillion tax hike. >> the president is clear. he will not extend. he will not sign a bill that extends the bush era tax cuts to the wealthiest americans because it's not good policy. >> re pub crepublicans say it's wrong time to face a tax increase. >> he said he is innocent. the founder of the world's
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famous company has denied any involvement in his neighbor's murder. in a brand new bizarre interview john mcafee tells wired magazine he is now on the run and will do whatever it takes to stay alive. >> right now, sir, i am hold up in a place -- ( >>that can it mcaf fee's flight. it brings a lot of questions to mind. a congressional hearing on the meningitis outbreak. the compounding center will be in the hot seat but will likely plead the 5th. 32 people have died another 450 are sick after receiving the tainted shots made by the necc. also to take the stand the head of the fda and a widow of a
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judge who died from fungal meningitis. a florida socialite connected to david petraeus and the scandal tried claiming she was a diplomat when she called 911 about someone in her yard. >> by any chance i am honorary council general so i have vie >> in the past several days several other calls from kelley's home about possible trespassers on her property. that is your 5@5:00. >> john allen continues the world. they held the first news conference set for reelection. tomorrow's hearing on benghazi the president will safe tough
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questions later today. peter tell us about this. so far the white house has been saying president obama has been totally in the dark or was totally in the dark. the director of the cia was under investigation until a week ago last wednesday is when they say he found out. even so that investigation ban months ago. >> it is simply a fact that the white house is knottednot aware situation regarding general petraeus until wednesday. the situation regarding general allen until friday. so the fbi is the place to go. >> the deputy director of the fbi shawn joyce is going to make an appearance on capitol hill to brief leaders of the house and senate intelligence committee to say why they also were not kept
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in the loop regarding the investigation of general petraeus. this story has taken several strange turns in the past 24-hours. we caught our first glimpse of paula broadwell and found her driver's license was found on a jogging trail in washington. the scandal that started with broadwell has ballooned to include the top u.s. commander in afghanistan general john allen accused of sending several00 e-mails to kelley that were like phone-sex over e-mail. it is time right now to hold off judging general allen. >> general allen is doing an excellent job in leading the forces. he has my continued confidence to lead other forces and to continue the fight.
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his nomination has been put on hold as a prudent measure until we determine what the facts are. >> general allen is a decemb distinguished marine and commander who has been an important part of the nato isap mission. i don't have anything to add to what secretary pan neiagua ne - has said. we will hear from the president for the first time since this scandal broke. we will find out what he says about finding out days ago instead of months ago. >> hard to keep a straight face with all of the details coming out with this story. other details is general petraeus had hoped he would be able to keep his job as director of the cia. he also hoped revelations about his affair would be kept a secret. why is this so important?
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that's what charles krauthammer is talking about this morning. his piece of information connects the affair to the original testimony on benghazi. >> i think what that tells us is really important. it meant that he understood that the fbi obviously knew what was going on. he was hoping that those aboth administration officials would not disclose what had happened and therefore hoping that he would keep his job. that meant that he understood that his job, his reputation, his legacy, his whole celebrated life was in the hands of the administration and he expected they would protect them by keeping it quiet, and that brings us to the ultimate issue. that is his testimony on september 13th. that's the thing that connects the two scandals that's the only thing that makes the sex scandal relevant. otherwise it would be an exercise in sensationalism and
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voyeurism and nothing else. the reason it is important is here is a man who the administration holds his fate in his hands. he did the testimony with what the defense had said the day before and what he heard from the station chief in tripoli. was he influenced the fact that he knew his fate was held by people in the administration at that time? >> fox and friends will continue to follow this developing story through out the show. we will get with john mccain in them as well as the hearing on the benghazi attack. 8 minutes after the hour. maria molina gets wiupdates us weather. >> the storm pushed off the shore and we will see a return to sunny skies across the portions of the northeast in the next couple days. it will continue to be cold out there. i am sure a lot of people are noticing that early this
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morning. we will see the storm developing and pretty quiet across northeast. as we head southbound not much going on but there will be a storm developing as we head into the day today and tomorrow. that will be producing rain so you may have weather related delays. storm should be offshore by friday. we have to track another storm that could potentially impact travel for thanksgiving. we are looking at many models that are basically turning out the storm system. 37 degrees 35 in clove land. 20s in chicago. a lot better in the southwest teens and 20s widespread. early morning 36 now minneapolis and 45 over in kansas city. high temperatures near normal across portions of the central plains. northeast 48 would be our high today. thank you maria. now to stories you can bank on this morning a new report shows
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the federal government ran a much bigger deficit than expected last month putting more pressure on the president and on congress to strike a budget deal. here to explain all of this is lauren simonetti. >> the u.s. budget deficit rose in october to $120 billion. that brings the 2012 budget gap to more than a trillion dollars for the fourth year in a row. deficits add to the national debt which is on path to hit more next month. it will push the u.s. economy back into recession. >> speaking of the fiscal cliff you have broken it down according to the state. >> this is interesting. the fiscal cliff will assess all of us. but some more than others and geography has a lot to do with it. the tax foundation has estimated the potential impact of a median family of two kids takes into
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account three tax hikes. the first one would be the expiration of all of the busheir raw obama tax cuts expiration of the two percent payroll taxes and not passing the amt. the states who's taxes drive residents as much as 7,000 dollars in some cases. new jersey, maryland, connecticut and massachusetts as you can see there and a bill of 3,000 dollars washington, hawaii, colorado, kansas. >> the northeast getting hit very hard. >> is this why many people are trying to make adjustments when it comes to the travel for the holidays. >> travel spending is down. we should think about the traffic. that's not down. before the tushg key the indigestion. 30 million of us plan to drive to our thanksgiving destinations. it is up since 2007 according to aaa. when it comes to flying there
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will be a 1.7 percent decline about 3 million of us plan to fly to our holiday destinations. we are spending 498 bucks on thanksgiving travel that sounds like a lot but it is less than last year because of the economy. >> thanks lauren. good to see you this morning. that brings us to our brew on this question of the day. is the current he can nom i gos situation effecting your travel holiday plans? shoot them to us at an e-mail at fox frien thousands of residents are left out in the cold and in the dark. they are demanding answers from this guy. long island power authority. will they get a major shake-up at the company and will they finally get power. we will have a live report
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coming up next. a car goes airborne in the middle of a busy intersection. let's take a look at your gas prices. national average is 3.44 a gallon. that is unchanged since yesterday. [ male announcer ] when was the last time something made your jaw drop? campbell's has 24 new soups that will make it drop over, and over again. ♪ from jammin' jerk chicken, to creamy gouda bisque. see what's new from campbell's. it's amazing what soup can do.
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>> welcome back. it is 16 after the top of the hour. here's what you missed while you were sleeping. remember when they hit the streets ending collective bargaining. they are taking the battle to court. >> the wisconsin law enforcement is claiming it violates the right to free speech. scott walker says the law protects hard workers and are need to do balance the budget. the city of detroit says it will run out of cash next month. officials say the state needs to hand over 3-5 million dollars in
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holding for the city to keep it from going broke. the money is from a bond sale held for detroit but the city can only get the money as it makes reforms. over to you heather. >> ainsley, thank you so much. a major change up to tell you about this morning at the long island power authority. a top official at that company stepping down. lipa as it is called in the area is now facing a class action lawsuit. thousands of people, tens of thousands of them are fill in the da-- still in the dark and cold this morning. tell us about this development. >> good torning to you. good morning everyone. lipa has faced as much criticism h as any utility because of how long people have been without power. some are without power for two weeks. now that coo is a casualty.
5:18 am
coo michael hurvey has announced he will be resigning tend of the year. he has served as interim ceo as the company. he praised valuable service to the company. however some customers have not given him a ringing endorsement. >> boots onned ground is fine. guys were out of state told us this thing was being held together with bubble gum and hey wire and they were told in 06 a problem could happen. they did nothing. >> as we know that problem did in fact happen. yesterday an attorney in long island announced he is pilifili class action lawsuit on behalf of 1 million customers who he says were left in the dark in more ways than one following hurricane sandy. he is seeking monetary damages
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in the company. that is the latest live from lipa headquarters. robert moses fox news. heather back to you. thank you so much. so many people really upset about the situation. it is cold outside, too. coming up it seemed like a good idea. it was a drill to make sure students know what to do during a possible shooting. maybe they should have told everyone it was a drill. now we are learning she may be t tap secretary of state hillary clinton. i was having trouble getting out of bed in the morning because my back hurt so bad. the sleep number bed conforms to you. i wake up in the morning with no back pain. i can adjust it if i need to...if my back's a little more sore.
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>> florida republican allen west filing a lawsuit demanding a full recount of the early votes from the congressional rates. he lost by more than 2500 votes. there was a problem processing some of those votes. he says all early votes should be recounted. toyota issuing two new recalls effecting 2 million vehicles worldwide. this is certain models of the prius and corolla. one involves a problem with the steering mechanism the other involves defective water pumps in hybrid vehicles. no accidents have been reported related to these problems. days after the benghazi attack can i killed 4 americans including our ambassador is one
5:24 am
of the controversial names being thrown around in washington to replace key members of president obama's cabinet. james rosen has a closer look. >> administration officials about cabinet shuffles aimed at susan rice will face in the u.s. senate if as reported she is tapped as secretary of state. >> i think there would be an organized effort by a number of senators to make sure susan rice is not confirmed as secretary of state should the president these not to nominate her. you have to have tough questions to see susan rice failed that test. >> a hand with particular interest in genocide rice has faced sharp scrutiny when she appeared on five shows press ago narrative on the benghazi attack that has since been discounted as false. >> does the president have
5:25 am
confidence that rice could conquer future cabinet posts? >> i will not engage in speculation about personnel matters. >> the president believes ambassador rice has done an excellent job and is grateful for her service. >> oo senator john kerry the democratic presidential nominee and foreign relations committee serving as defense secretary. the vietnam veteran who turned against the war he through away the medals he had been awarded and would be in the position to award such medals today. >> there would be significant concerns along the lines you raise as senator kerry. >> whether it's the defense department or state department but i have known him since 1985 he never once mentioned wanting to be secretary of defense. >> the spokeswoman says his only focus is job as seenor senator of massachusetts and chairman of
5:26 am
the foreign relations committee. james rosen, fox news. it is 25 minutes after the hour. coming up next one of general petraeus's closest friends are speaking out about the general's affair. >> he didn't take any of his team to the cia. he didn't have any one to confide in on a personal level. >> what else did the general tell his friends about the affair with paula broadwell? we will tell you about that. >> president obama might have won a second term but it doesn't mean they are backing down when it comes to the contraception r mandate. >> is the economy effecting your holiday travel plans this year. send the responses in we will get to them in a minute. i always wait until the last minute. can i still ship a gift in time r christmas? yeah, sure you can. great. where's your gift? uh...
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>> welcome back to fox and friends first. >> it is half past the hour. thank you for waking up with us. >> the top stories making news at this hour. should she stay or should she go? nancy pelosi might reveal if she is stepping down as democratic leader of the house. she has led democrats for ten years they failed to gain
5:31 am
control of the session. catholic leader timothy cardinal dolan saying the catholic church won't give up the fight against president obama's birth control mandate. they will move forward with lawsuits against that mandate. they are against the requirement that employers provide health insurance that provide free birth control. the president program moysed to change the mandate so insurance would pay for birth control but any employer should be able to opt out of that. negotiating a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million immigrants. mccain and rubio are willing to work on an immigration reform. rubio worked on a republican version of the dream act last year. things will take time but quote it's an important issue for the
5:32 am
country economically. stick around senator john mccain will be live on fox and friends. >> panic erupting at a community college in texas after students hear shots being fired on campus. you can see a guy who is dressed in full military style gear. it is all just a training deal. students were never told it was going to happen. 911 was flooded with phone calls and operators told students it was just an exercise. the training was made mandatory for all faculty and staff for the school year. what a fright. a crazy crash watch as the suv goes airborne slams into a car that stops at a red light. the driver behind the wheel an er doctor of the year. police charging her with being drunk and high behind the wheel.
5:33 am
a search of her suv has bottles of pills she prescribed to herself. the man in the car had cracked ribs and injury to the knee. president owe bam bam ma is sure to face election at the first press conference in 8 months. general petraeus and general allen all continues to grow. the president will face questions about the looming fiscal cliff. doug luzader joins us with more. it it will be one thing after another. the president put press conferences on hold during the course of the election. issue after issue has been piling up not the least of which this strange web of scandal involving the now former cia director david petraeus. also one of the nation's top
5:34 am
generals the top commander in afghanistan general john allen had a number of offender. he had e-mails he sent to a petraeus family friend this woman jill kelley. he did get backing from the pentagon. >> no one should lead to any conclusions here. general allen is doing an excellent job in leading the forces. he has my continued confidence. >> one prominent conservative is questioning the conduct of the fbi in both of these cases. >> let me begin with general allen who i think has been smeared by an fbi investigation that got out of control. the allenes knew the kellies in tampa for a couple of years. more than half of the e-mails involved mrs. allen or mrs. kelly they are dealing with various arrangements. >> there are some who see this as a big distraction from a much larger issue that's the
5:35 am
congressional investigation into what happened in the u.s. consulate in benghazi last september. the new acting director of the cia briefed some law americas although some want to hear from p petraeus himself. they may be pressed to further explain what his administration knew and when. >> finally there's the approaching fiscal cliff. the tax hikes go into effect at the end of the year unless they can get together and break bred and come to some kind of agreement. >> we like your street sign there. fiscal cliff ahead. >> thanks a lot. >> in staying with this story we are going to take a look at who is talking. we are hearing from general petraeus executive officer. >> the colonel spoke to petraeus about all of this going on. he gave details about the
5:36 am
conversation to greta van susteren here's what he had to say. >> he indicated the affair began a couple months after he got to the cia it ended about four months ago. i overed perhaps one of the reasons was this transition that you have to make from bb a m military officer to a civilian. i made the transition four years ago. it can be difficult you leave behind the brotherhood and sisterhood your common bonds. he didn't take any of his team to the cia. he didn't have any one he could confide in really on a personal level no one to run with. and paula broadwell made herself available to be that close confidante and one thing led to another and they ended up in a physical relationship. in his time of need he turned to the wrong person for solace. that's my view of what happened. accident counter that. >> there you go.
5:37 am
the colonel says the general is disappointed in himself and blames no one but himself for the affair. >> some parts of the country looking messy this morning. >> we will be seeing temperatures on the cool side across portions of the northeast. 35 in leaf land 29 degrees in the city of chicago. if you are waking up early in kansas city or minneapolis you will notice temperatures a lot better today. yesterday you were in the teens. 30 yesterday in texas. 47 in the city of dallas. high temperatures won't be warming up that much across portions of the northeast. we will stay below average 48 for a high in new york city 44 syracuse. 49 degrees you will deal with the showers and storms off northern florida and into the carolinas today and tomorrow.
5:38 am
we could be seeing travel impact across the midwest cool side 44 chicago 34 chicago bert than yesterday. out west we will be seeing more snow across parts of the rockies. good news for any one who likes to do skiing out here. 70s across california. it will be a beautiful day in california 78 for a high temperature in los angeles. not looking at much wet weather across the northeast. that front has pushed eastward cool air moving in behind it. you will see a return to sunshine in the southeast not much going on right now but a storm will be developing later on. brew on this question of the day responses earlier in the show we told you that more americans are planning to drive to their thanksgiving destination than fly. we are on top of that. we are spending 10 percent less than last year all of that attributed to the current
5:39 am
economy. >> one said: >> it is now 24 minutes before the hour. >> are you really picky about what you eat so picky you can't eat off of a plate with a design on it? he will determine if that is normal or not. >> what happens when they get what they want? jessie waters went to a bill maher show to find out. it was hysterical. >> really excited to see obama carol out.
5:40 am
>> paso bam ma care premiums went up. >> put it over on me that time. >> we will have more from waters world next. you don't want to miss this one.
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with a-awe
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>> it is 43 after the hour. let's span the globe to see what stories are making headlines overseas. we start in spain. they have an anti awes ter rit strike across southern europe. they have shut down subways closed schools and grounded flights in response to recent spending cuts and tax hikes. next to italy where riots also broke out demonstrators clashing with police in naples. they are protesting against the country's labor minister after she agreed to raise the retirement age by more than 3 years.
5:44 am
finally a phenomenon in the sky. a total solar eclipse. it was only visible in northern australia. the whole thing took about 15 minutes leadiving the area in total darkness for over two minutes. the next solar eclipse won't happen until 2015. 4 minutes after the hour. obama care is the law of the land. after the president's reelection states are scrambling to try to figure out what they are going to do about health insurance. >> well the reelection has ended about whether or not the healthcare overall will have an effect. the first comes as early as friday when states are due to report whether they will establish their own exchanges to residents and businesses to buy their own health insurance. that is one of several decisions states, businesses and individuals will have to make before roughly 30 million
5:45 am
americans start applying for insurance 11 months from now. roughly 16 states are often track to establish their own exchanges while nine have decided they won't. those nine andnynyny stas who join them have until february 15th to commit to an exchange or have the federal government exchange them. they have similar deadlines in businesses with 50 plus workers have until january 1st of 2014 to decide whether they will have coverage or have a full-time employee. without it most residents without insurance have until january 2014 to decide whether to buy insurance through the exchanges or face a penalty assessed through the irs. health and human services secretary kathleen sib beeb bel yous beal why yous h -- sib bea have some deadlines. it will be january 2014 with no
5:46 am
delays. the liberal left has been celebrating president obama's reelection. fox news jessie waters went to find out why. >> obama care. >> i am real licks sited to see obama carol out. >> passed obama care premiums went up. >> are you concerned about this massive national debt? >> spends the least amount of money than any president. >> obama? >> yes, he did. >> are you sure about that? >> i am positive. >> what's the point of raising taxes on wealthy people? >> they can afford to pay a little bit more. >> because if you raise taxes it's only 68 billion in revenue. >> don't you hate the rich do you? >> i love the rich.
5:47 am
>> it is about a week of spending. >> you know what knocking out public television gets you? >> what? >> about an hour. >> are you guys on drugs right now? >> no, no, no. >> having a good time. >> a lot of people were pair rodding what you hear in the media prior to the election. a lot of talking points. he always has a good time. 47 minutes after the hour now. >> are you really picky when you eat? so picky you can't eat off a plate without a design. >> it's another soldier surprise. this one is going to melt your heart. take a look. ♪ proud to be an american where at looers i know i am free ♪ >> this one has an interesting twist on it. one fourth grader turned the tables on her father sup priding him. >> can't wait to see that.
5:48 am
then brian kilmeade on fox and friends. >> don't wear out dr. keith ablow. if he is okay we will have him on our show. we will be unfolding three generals found themselves in ethical problems and what it means general petraeus john mccain he and two other senators have a pathway for citizenship for 12 million illegals. how is thomas jefferson like president owe wram -- obama. susan boil and i have something in common. we were both discovered in britain at a talent contest. she will be here live she will sing i won't. all coming up on "fox & friends"." hey big guy, i want to get a big tv for my g family, for the big hiday. we like to watch big games. we got a big spread together... so it's gotta big. how about the 55-inch lg tv. it's led and has incredible picture quality...
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>> welcome back. 9 minutes to the end of the hour. fugitive heading to church? they are working with the police in an operation safe surrender program asking wanted criminals to turn themselves in those charged with nonviolent crimes might have charges reduced or even dropped just one day before her wedding hope solo's fiancee arrested on suspicions of assaulting her. former nfl player jeremy stevens was arrested and later released from custody. reports say they were arguing over where to live after they get married. >> we need to have them talk to dr. keith who is here right now. it is a question we all ask ourselves from time to time, am i normal or am i nuts? >> my sons both have twitches which i believe to be ticks they have grunts and other noises. is there a way to stop or control this. normal or not so normal?
5:53 am
>> it is definitely not nuts. anybody who bullies these kids by the way they are crazy. what this woman is really describing is ter receipt -- tourette's disorders or another neurological condition which can cause thighs ticks. it is controllable. you you can get on the right medicines and counseling to deal with the people sniping at you. >> in stressful periods it can manifest itself. >> both kids are affected. a side effect of a medicine. really define it, conquer it. it isn't crazy. the people who may call them names they are the crazy ones. >> next i always fear something might hap ten to my kids. i am panicked thinking i left my 5-year-old outside. when the kids play outside i fear they may be kidnapped or
5:54 am
hit lby a car or attacked by a dog. this is a common fear but is it normal or a little ovary acting? >> it is crazy. the truth is the world is a dangerous place. you don't want to leave your kids unattended in danger. the truth is whatever this woman is feeling is about her. she is going to go back and find out when was i at risk? when did i feel peril? she is transferring that. you are grimacing. >> i am because i worry about those things. >> do you have an hour later to spoend wi spend with me. >> every parent worries about those things. >> this is a little over the top with her i am going to call her crazy and invite her in. >> i can't eat off plates with designs or pictures on them. when a fork touches the design my skin crawls. my friends tease me about it. thinking about it makes my teeth
5:55 am
hurt. am i nuts? >> this you may agree with me on it. because of the quirkyness of the symptom i call it crazy. it is ocd that is what it is. these are intrusive thoughts you wouldn't want to have to deal with these thoughts but you can't control them. bottom line is again help is available. people think psychiatry is sitting on the couch for 12 years. we can be on your way in 3 visits. >> fox friend first at fox and friends later. more questions. it is 5 minutes before the hour still ahead a side line reporter gets a little too close to the game and then becomes part of the action. can you figure out what's coming?
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>> we are now two minutes to the top of the hour. we take a look at the good, the bad ask the ugly. first it's the good. a girl welcomes her soldier daddy home with a special surprise. >> ♪ and i'm proud to be an american ♪ >> the fourth grade class singing proud to be an american. he spent a year overseas in afghanistan. and it is a bad year for the bubbly. the champagne harvest in france is the worst in 40 years thanks to the rainy weather there. but don't worry, it shouldn't affect the supply for new year's eve celebration. and amazingly a reporter still holds on to a camera after getting flat end on the football field. and gretchen carlson, she's the best at this and

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